Weight Control

imgonline-com-ua-Shape-DZQCvHEVI2rJqZHave you tried the latest diets and found that they didn’t work? Research confirms the experiences of many people, that dieting often brings encouraging results to begin with, but disappointment later.

The reason why a reduction in weight is so often followed by a return to familiar patterns of eating when dieting, is because the unconscious factors responsible for over-eating are left unexplored and untreated. So, hypnotherapy for weight loss can help in a way that many diets simply can’t.

Common reasons for over-eating are:

  • A reaction to stress
  • A way to cope with a poor self-image
  • A way of relieving boredom
  • An emotional comfort
  • A learned behaviour from the past, such as being taught to always clear the plate

These and other psychological factors can interfere with and override the body’s natural ability to sense when enough food has been consumed, leading to the familiar yo-yo effect of weight reduction followed by weight increase when dieting.

If you are ready to try a different approach, and enjoy the significant physical and psychological health benefits that come from you controlling your weight safely and effectively, it’s good to know that hypnotherapy has helped many people to make those positive changes.

Whether you are looking to improve your health and fitness; feel great about the way you look; or give yourself a renewed sense of confidence; I have the tools and techniques to help you reach your goal.

Hypnosis for weight control places the emphasis on long term, lasting weight management, rather than just short term weight loss, and works by harnessing and strengthening your will power and motivation.

I can help you to control your weight effectively and work with you to set safe and realistic weight reduction targets. By focussing on and treating the unconscious mechanisms that influence your pattern of food consumption I can help you to achieve successful, long term weight control.