sstimgonline-com-ua-Shape-swFBdidcQ1Zq9dSnoring occurs when respiration during sleep is hindered by inflamed or slackened soft tissues in the mouth, nose and neck.

Obstructions of this nature cause an audible vibration of the soft palate and soft tissues which produces the familiar snoring sound.

It can and often does lead to a reduction in sleep quality and interrupted sleep for relationship partners.

The following factors can increase the likelihood of snoring:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol before sleep
  • Weight gain

Smoking is a significant cause of irritation and inflammation to the soft tissues in the mouth, leading to hindered respiration. The consumption of alcohol in the hours before sleeping has the effect of relaxing the muscles and tissues in the mouth leading to a reduction in the efficiency of respiration, and weight gain leads to worse snoring.

In addition to the application of techniques to treat snoring, I can, if required, provide treatment for all of the above, and if appropriate, deliver sessions for partners who may require help with relaxation and sleep.