Phobias & Fears


Experiencing an anxious response in a statistically safe situation, or in the presence of something that others seem to ignore or take in their stride, can be frustrating, confusing and upsetting.

A specific phobia is an irrational fear of an object, animal, situation, or activity, that can negatively affect work, social activity and family life. The majority of specific phobias however can be treated quickly and effectively in a way that creates powerful and lasting changes.

A phobia does not have to be for life, and if you are ready to take control of your fear, I have the techniques that that will enable you to face your phobia in a way and at a pace that is right for you.

Common specific phobias:

  • Fear of spiders/arachnophobia
  • Fear of insects/entomophobia
  • Fear of flying/aerophobia
  • Fear of enclosed spaces/claustrophobia
  • Fear of open spaces/agoraphobia
  • Fear of dogs/cynophobia
  • Fear of snakes/ophidiophobia
  • Fear of thunder and lightning/astraphobia
  • Fear of public speaking/glossophobia
  • Fear of needles/trypanophobia
  • Fear of heights/acrophob
  • Fear of blood/hemophobia
  • Fear of birds/ornithophobia
  • Fear of water or being near water/aquaphobia
  • Fear of driving/vehophobia